G. Monasterio Foundation - Fondazione Toscana G. Monasterio


The Foundation is a specialized public entity of the Regional Health Service ( law no. 85/2009) constituted by the National Council for Research (CNR) and by the Tuscany Region for the management and further development of specialized healthcare and research activities of interest to the public health services, previously carried out by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the CNR.
There are two centers of activity: one in the city of Pisa, located in the CNR Area of Research, and one in the city of Massa ("Ospedale del Cuore 'G. Pasquinucci'", previously named "Ospedale Pediatrico Apuano"), in the locality of Montepepe.

The Foundation is a highly-specialized center for the treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases, included rare disorders such as congenital heart defects, hereditary dyslipidemias, hemocromatosis, pulmonary hypertension, and amyloidosis.

 FTGM provides the following services:

  • cardiology for neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients
  • diagnostic and interventional hemodynamics for neonatal and pediatric patients (regional referral center)
  • diagnostic and interventional hemodynamics for adultselectrophysiology
  • heart surgery for neonatal and pediatric patients (regional referral center)
  • heart surgery for adult patients
  • anesthesia and intensive therapy for neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients
  • pneumology
  • endocrinology and metabolic diseases
  • treatment of hypercholesteremia (i regional referral center)
  • advanced diagnostic imaging: radiodiagnostics, nuclear medicine, nuclear magnetic resonance
  • laboratory medicine

The assistential activity combines a specialized configuration at the level of medical and surgical competencies with a configuration tending towards an intensity of treatment at the organizational level, which is manifested in the activities involving hospital stay,day hospital, and day service.
At the Foundation, the patient is at the center of a multidisciplinary system that offers the most modern and appropriate preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative procedures, thanks to the high profile of the competencies available, to the availability of the most advanced technologies for functional, imaging, and laboratory diagnostics, and to the complete computerization of clinical activities and management.
The Foundation, moreover, carries out research activities in the area of health and of technologies applied to healthcare, also in collaboration with institutes of the National Council for Research – above all with the Institute of Clinical Physiology, the universities, high schools, and the industry.
Every operational articulation, department or unit, simultaneously carries out specialized health-related activities and connected research activities, drawing upon the experience of clinical activity as a starting point for investigation and research, and, from results coming from research and innovation, for suggestions for improving clinical practice.